How to view my AAA tokens on Metamask?

Step 1. Download and install Metamask

Visit and download the app. Follow the instructions to set up your MetaMask account.

Step 2. Add ERC-20 AAA token to your MetaMask

Open MetaMask and make sure your selected network is Ethereum Mainnet. Scroll down and click “Import tokens” Select “Custom Token” and enter the following contract address:


You can verify this contract address here.

Confirm by clicking “Add custom token” and then “Import tokens”. You should now see AAA on your ERC-20 token list.

alt_text alt_text

Step 3. Withdraw AAA coins from your exchange to your Metamask account on the Ethereum mainnet (ERC-20).

On your exchange platform go to the “withdraw” section and send your tokens to your MetaMask wallet number. Copy your MetaMask wallet number here:


Step 4. Check your balance

Once you successfully withdraw AAA from your exchange, you will see the amount on your Metamask:


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