Moon Rabbit Bridge

Transfer ERC20 AAA to Moon Rabbit EVM

Attention does not need to close or interrupt the procedure if the first payment was made through Metamask (be attentive)

  1. Open Bridge tab

    Bridge screen

    At the start, you will immediately be in the mode of translating tokens

  2. Next, the process of transfer of tokens is described

    Bridge screen

  3. Import our test token on Rinkeby network for further use. 0xB492c49881fB3BCAaFa0d5BB0EF83efF3C6220c7

    Bridge screen Bridge screen

  4. To get tokens from the Rinkeby external network on the network Moon Rabbit EVM you need to switch to Rinkeby Network to Metamask Connecting to Metamask

    Bridge screen

    If on the previous steps all the bullet is done correctly and you have test tokens you will see the interface above.

  5. Select the required number of coins for translation and click Next.

    Bridge screen

    Carefully check the information in the next window and confirm the translation

  6. Next step Switch the network in the Metamask window to the network Moon Rabbit EVM.

    Bridge screen

    After that press the Deposit button.

    Bridge screen

For withdrow procedure

  1. To withdrow coins from the network you need to press the switch button.

    Bridge screen

  2. The tokens will change the plates and you can start an withdrow procedure similar to replenishment.

    Bridge screen

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