How can I upload my NFT to the marketplace?

Before you begin.

Make sure:

  • You have enough AAA on your Moon Rabbit EVM account to cover gas fees for minting.
  • Make sure your Metamask wallet is connected. Click “Connect to wallet”.
  • Make sure your file is supported. Maximum file size is 100Mb. Supported file types:
    • JPG
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • GIF
    • MP4
    • WEBP

You can suggest other file formats by contacting the Moon Rabbit team (

Step 1. Upload a file and create a collection

Each NFT must belong to a collection.

Click “Create NFT” button and upload your file.

Then click “Create” under the “Choose collection” section.


Add a collection cover and avatar.

Enter Collection name, description and collection symbol.

Collection is saved to the blockchain. Save the collection by confirming the transaction in your Metamask.